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趣味は山登り。Facebook グループ「東京青空ハイカーズ」を主催。


I worked for 8 years as an in-house interpreter/translator from 2006 to 2014, and became a freelance interpreter in November 2014.  


As an in-house interpreter, I have experience in semiconductors, IT, automobiles, consumer goods and advertising. I was in every kind of meeting at every level in an incorporated organisation ranging from desk discussions to all-hands meetings, and from internal meetings to business meetings, parties, and entertainment. I learned how to use PanaGuide (a device used for simultaneous interpreting) through my in-house interpreting work. 


My ideal is to be transparent when interpreting because when my clients communicate with one another smoothly, they would not feel the presence of the interpreter. 



I like to climb mountains and am the organiser of a Facebook group Tokyo Aozora Hikers. 

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